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2017 Distinguished Service to Industry, Commerce, or Education Award – Jonathan Ayers

Jonathan Ayers

Chairman, President and CEO of IDEXX Laboratories, Inc

Jonathan Ayers has served as Chairman and CEO of IDEXX for the last 15 years, leading  the company through a period of consistent organic revenue growth. While at Yale, Jon  studied Molecular Biophysics and Biochemistry and graduated Cum Laude. He took  many courses in Economics, and although he did not receive enough credits to earn  an Economics minor, he was very well prepared for his MBA at Harvard. During his  subsequent career, he held positions at IBM, Morgan Stanley, and United Technologies. He  was the President of Carrier Corporation before joining IDEXX in 2002. 

IDEXX is a leading innovator in veterinary medicine, producing test protocols, novel  chemistry, diagnostic equipment and software to deliver rapid and accurate results. IDEXX  also protects water supplies for millions of people worldwide through their drinking water  and wastewater quality tests. In addition, IDEXX tests help to protect dairy, poultry and  livestock around the world.  

IDEXX is an economic engine for its local communities, providing jobs for highly skilled  workers and creating a culture of innovation and growth for its employees and the towns  in which they live. Through its sponsorship of STEM activities in local schools and  universities, IDEXX expands this culture of innovation far beyond its walls, both retaining  and attracting top talent. 

Jon’s wife, Helaine, is also a member of the Yale class of 1978. Their three grown daughters  all have STEM degrees: their oldest has a Ph.D in Mathematics, the middle has an  undergraduate degree in Nuclear Engineering, and the youngest is a member of the Yale  class of 2013 with a degree in Biomedical Engineering. 

Under his leadership, IDEXX has grown organically from $380 million in sales to $1.7  billion. IDEXX’s growing global workforce of 7,000 includes over 700 veterinarians  and Ph.D.s who bring a consistent stream of diagnostic and software innovations to the  veterinary industry. The company’s performance led to IDEXX’s recent inclusion into the  S&P 500 and the NASDAQ 100. 

Jon brings to his work an intellectual curiosity, innovative spirit, and deep commitment to  the human-animal bond. These qualities drive both scientific and engineering innovation  as well as financial success for IDEXX, its employees and the communities in which  it operates. For the impact he has made as Chairman, President and CEO of IDEXX  Laboratories, we are proud to honor Jonathan Ayers as the 2017 recipient of the Yale Science  & Engineering Association Award for Distinguished Service to Industry, Commerce or  Education.