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Alumni Awards

For more than sixty-five years, the Yale Science & Engineering Association has recognized outstanding alumni and faculty for providing meritorious service to Yale, for performing distinguished service to industry, commerce, or education, and for their remarkable achievements in advancing basic and applied science.

The honor roll of past award winners includes astronauts, entrepreneurs, Nobel laureates, government leaders, philanthropists, physicians, university presidents, industrialists, and, of course, some of the world’s greatest scientists and engineers.

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Alumni Awards Description

The YSEA AWARD FOR MERITORIOUS SERVICE TO YALE UNIVERSITY is conferred upon a distinguished scientist or engineer who has given outstanding service to Yale University, or a member of the broader community who has given outstanding service to science or engineering at Yale University. Previous award winners include leading educators, advisors to United States Presidents, noted philanthropists, university presidents, and alumni volunteers who have helped to create an outstanding community for science, technology, engineering and mathematics at Yale.

Honor Roll (Award for Meritorious Service To Yale University)

The YSEA AWARD FOR ADVANCEMENT OF BASIC AND APPLIED SCIENCE is conferred upon an individual who has received an undergraduate or graduate degree from Yale University or is a member of the Yale Faculty. While it has generally been awarded for a record of professional excellence in a particular field of science or engineering, the choice of the recipient is not explicitly limited. The candidate may have made an outstanding contribution to the advancement of a scientific discipline in general, not necessarily through frontier research. Several previous award winners have gone on to become Nobel Laureates or to achieve other major international awards.

Honor Roll (Award for Advancement of Basic and Applied Science)

The YSEA AWARD FOR DISTINGUISHED SERVICE TO INDUSTRY, COMMERCE, OR EDUCATION is conferred upon an individual outside of the central Yale University community, who has received a degree from Yale, who is recognized for a career reflecting creditably upon the University, and who, through preeminence in science or engineering, has achieved distinction in industry, commerce or education. Past award winners count among their number leading figures from industry and education, including CEOs of some of the world’s most well-known businesses, heads of research and development at premier science and technology firms, cutting edge technology investors, influential faculty members, philanthropists, innovators in management consulting, and others.

Honor Roll (Award for Distinguished Service to Industry, Commerce, or Education)

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