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If you are interested in showing your support to YSEA and becoming a member, read below.

Student, Regular, and Senior Memberships

YSEA Student Membership ($25 Suggested)

YSEA Regular Membership ($25 Suggested)

YSEA Senior Membership ($25 Suggested)

For 2022-2023, Student, Regular, and Senior Membership Dues are Waived

The YSEA Board of Directors has waived dues for the 2023-2024 academic year for Student Members, Regular Members, and Senior Members, but a $25 donation is suggested.

IMPORTANT: Even though dues are waived for the academic year, you still need to register as a member to show your support for our mission and programs, to continue your subscription to Yale Scientific Magazine, and to vote in YSEA elections.

To register as a 2023-2024 Student Member, Regular Member, or Senior Member, please visit

Paid Memberships

YSEA Fellow Memberships

Individuals wishing to show a higher level of support for YSEA programs may wish to become YSEA Fellow Members or YSEA Life Members:

YSEA Fellow Membership ($250)

YSEA Life Fellow Membership ($2500)