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Dean Kyle Vanderlick Grant

YSEA has established the Dean Kyle Vanderlick Grant in grateful recognition of her legacy in establishing the Yale School of Engineering and Applied Science (SEAS) as a bridge between the sciences and the humanities on the Yale campus and beyond. This bridge between the sciences and humanities has proved fundamental to Yale’s continued role as a leader in cutting-edge research. As a tribute to Dean Vanderlick, YSEA has established a grant in her name that is available annually to Yale science & engineering undergraduates who demonstrate the values that Dean Vanderlick has exemplified throughout her tenure at SEAS.

The Dean Kyle Vanderlick grant is awarded to individual research projects that take on a multidisciplinary project in their individual grant application. This multidisciplinary approach can combine different areas of STEM (ex: computer science and engineering) or can combine aspects of the humanities and STEM (ex: an area where social science may intersect with one facet of STEM).

All YSEA grant applications are automatically considered for the Dean Kyle Vanderlick grant. The intent is to provide the YSEA grants committee discretion to award this grant for individual research projects that are multidisciplinary in scope, and especially those that extend beyond what is traditionally considered “STEM”.  YSEA grant applicants need not specifically request for this grant, but doing so is encouraged and helps ensure that it is considered by the committee.

For an example of a project that was awarded the Dean Kyle Vanderlick grant, download the below PDF.

Learn more about the legacy that Dean Kyle Vanderlick left behind at Yale.