YSEA is a grassroots, all-volunteer organization, and it relies on membership dues and voluntary contributions to finance the bulk of its activities, including its undergraduate research grants, its science fair programs, its strategic alliance with FIRST® Robotics, and newer initiatives, like career fairs and entrepreneurial events. Here are ways you can help to support YSEA:

General Donations

You can make a one time donation to YSEA online or by filling out a Dues & Support Form and mailing it to YSEA with your payment details.

Becoming a Member

For information on how to become a YSEA member and show support for the organization, visit this page!

The Yale Endowment Supports YSEA!

The Yale Endowment Fund manages a targeted fund known as the Yale Science & Engineering Association Fund. This fund was established as a lasting legacy in support of the following YSEA priorities and initiatives at Yale:

  • Individual and group student research grants, primarily supporting undergraduate student research projects or co- curricular projects that fall outside the threshold of other traditional funding mechanisms.
  • High School Science Fair Awards intended (a) to solidify the growing reputation of Yale as a center of excellence for science and engineering (S&E) education and (b) enhance the quality of applicants to Yale College who intend and effect a major in engineering or one of the scientific disciplines.
  • Curricular and co-curricular science and engineering activities, including undergraduate student groups, undergraduate research fellowships, graduate fellowships and co-curricular graduate student activities.

The fund provides annual financial support for faculty and students at Yale who engage in these activities. To contribute to this fund, please visit the Giving to Yale page and click on Make a Gift Now. Designate the gift to the Yale Science & Engineering Association Fund (fund#19591)

Matching Donations

If your employer offers a matching gift program, you can use it to multiply your support of YSEA. Please ask your employer’s human resources department about its matching gift policy. By participating in a matching gift program, some of our members have been able to double the size of their gifts to YSEA!

Tax Information

The Yale Science & Engineering Association, Inc. is recognized by the United States Internal Revenue Service as a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt, nonprofit public charity. YSEA’s tax identification number is 06-1056561. Payments made to YSEA are tax deductible to extent permitted by law. Please check with your tax advisor for more information.