2022 YSEA Constitution Questions

Recognizing that YSEA has evolved considerably since the adoption of its Constitution forty years ago, the YSEA Executive Board asked the YSEA Bylaws Committee to identify areas where the YSEA Constitution could be updated to reflect current management practices and technological capabilities while staying true to YSEA’s mission and purpose.

The Bylaws Committee proposed a series of changes, the YSEA Executive Board has reviewed the proposed changes, and the board recommends them for ratification by the General Membership.

For more information, you may download and review the following files:

  1. A list of the proposed changes to the YSEA Constitution, including the rationale for each change and the location of the change in the text of the Constitution.
  2. A “redline” version of the proposed Constitution, highlighting every change as it appears in the text along with the previous version.
  3. A “clean” copy of the proposed Constitution as it would appear after adoption.

If you choose to cast a vote, please do so by 12:00 AM US Eastern Time on September 15, 2022.