Episode 3: Unlocking Innovation: Inside Yale Ventures and the Rise of New Haven’s Startup Scene with Josh Geballe

Headshot photo for Josh Geballe
Innovation and Entrepreneurship at Yale
Episode 3: Unlocking Innovation: Inside Yale Ventures and the Rise of New Haven's Startup Scene with Josh Geballe

– Published Jan. 29, 2023

In this episode, we talk to Josh Geballe, the Senior Associate Provost for Entrepreneurship and Innovation at Yale University. He is responsible for a wide range of services for students, faculty and the broader New Haven community, establishing partnerships to expand the impact of Yale discoveries, and growing the New Haven startup ecosystem.  

Prior to joining Yale Ventures in 2022, Josh served as COO for the State of Connecticut under Governor Ned Lamont. Before that Josh spent his career in the technology industry, most recently as CEO of Core Informatics, a venture-backed scientific software company acquired by Thermo Fisher Scientific, where he went on to serve as Vice President and General Manager of Digital Science. He also spent 11 years at IBM in a variety of international executive roles. Josh holds an MBA from the Yale School of Management and a BA from Yale University.

We discuss Yale Ventures, Yale’s newest entrepreneurial and innovation initiative started in 2022, and how this program not only helps faculty members foster ideas but also transfer them into successful startups. And that’s not all – we’ll dive into the buzzing startup scene in New Haven, unraveling its growth as a local hub for innovation.