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Distinguished Service to Industry, Commerce, or Education

The YSEA AWARD FOR DISTINGUISHED SERVICE TO INDUSTRY, COMMERCE, OR EDUCATION is conferred upon an individual outside of the central Yale University community, who has received a degree from Yale, who is recognized for a career reflecting creditably upon the University, and who, through preeminence in science or engineering, has achieved distinction in industry, commerce or education. Past award winners count among their number leading figures from industry and education, including CEOs of some of the world’s most well-known businesses, heads of research and development at premier science and technology firms, cutting edge technology investors, influential faculty members, philanthropists, innovators in management consulting, and others.


Recent recipients:

2022 – Marcella Nunez-Smith
2021 – Susan Hockfield
2020 – Eileen K. Pollack ’78
2019 – Michael Gold ’60 M.Eng.
2018 – Dena M. Bravata, ’89, M.D., M.S.
2017 – Jonathan Ayers ’78
2016 – Edward Tufte ’68 Ph.D.
2013 – David I. Scheer ’84 M.S.
2012 – David W. Pogue ’85
2011 – George C. McNamee ’69
2010 – G. Todd Milne ’89
2009 – George W. Mead II ’50

All recipients, listed in alphabetical order:

  1. Jonathan Ayers
  2. David Walter Barry
  3. Dena M. Bravata
  4. Tze-Chiang Chen
  5. William J. Dixon
  6. Richard N. Foster
  7. Gordon H. Geiger
  8. Michael Gold
  9. Michael H. Jordan
  10. George A. Keyworth II
  11. C. Judson King
  12. Peter J. Kindlmann
  13. Richard L. Kline
  14. George C. McNamee
  15. George W. Mead II
  16. George M. Milne, Jr.
  17. G. Todd Milne
  18. Joseph F. Paquette, Jr.
  19. David W. Pogue
  20. Eileen K. Pollack
  21. Henry B. Schacht
  22. David I. Scheer
  23. John S. Toll